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domingo, 7 de junio de 2009

Speed (UK) - Man In The Street (1980 Single)

Pais: Inglaterra
Genero: Heavy Metal/NWOBHM


01 Man In The Street
02 Down The Road


Steve Adams – Lead & Backing Guitars
Gary Edwards – Keyboards & Vocals
Jeff Moody – Drums & Percussion

Special guests:
Bruce Bruce – Lead Vocals
Paul White – Bass Guitar & Vocals

5 comentarios:

JB dijo...

I never really understood or respected Jeff Moody. His drum work is subpar at best.

Anónimo dijo...

sounds like your jealous of him mate, who ever you are,

Anónimo dijo...

jb sounds like your jealous mate

Anónimo dijo...

jb i think your all mixed up!!

Anónimo dijo...

jb your all mixed up

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