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miércoles, 2 de septiembre de 2009

Mass (Ger) - Swiss Connection (1981)

Origin: Germany
Genre: Traditional Heavy Metal
Year: 1981

Format: Full-length
Bibrate: 192 kbps

line up:
Jack E. Burnside: vocals
Detlef Schreiber: guitar
Günther Victor Radny: bass
Johannes Eder: drums

Track list:

1.Time Runs Out 03:28
2.Truckin 03:36
3.Don´t Wait Too Long 03:37
4.Red Lights And Whiskey 04:43
5.Shoot Out 04:22
6.Dead End Rider 03:09
7.Back Street Fighter 03:12
8.Fade Out 04:50
9.Bad Deal 04:04
10.Dark Night 05:23
Total playing time 40:24

2 comentarios:

Nils Tibor dijo...

Many thanks!!!
Great LP.


Anónimo dijo...

hey man wrong file the album in the download link is a album called Genocide not swiss connection :S

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