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lunes, 20 de julio de 2009

Quiet Riot - The Greatest Hits (1996)

País: USA
Género: Hard Rock/Heavy Metal


1.Cum On Feel The Noize04:48
2.Bang Your Head (Metal Health)05:18
3.Slick Black Cadillac04:15
4.The Wild and The Young03:38
5.Mama Weer All Crazee Now03:37
6.Party All Night03:33
7.The Joker03:57
8.Stay With Me Tonight04:29
9.Callin' the Shots04:42
10.Bang Your Head (Metal Health) Live05:41
11.Let's Go Crazy (Live)05:08

1 comentarios:

Martell dijo...

One of my favorite albums. I never listened to it until Kevin died. A huge loss for me because I"m a huge Riot fan now. With both Kevin and Randy gone it proves that you should give all music a try while you can.

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