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jueves, 5 de marzo de 2009

Motörhead - The Best Of Motorhead (1993)

Pais: Inglaterra
Genero: Heavy Metal

1.Killed By Death
2.Ace Of Spades
3.Motorhead (live)
4.Iron Fist
6.Eat The Rich
7.Love Me Like A Reptile
8.(We Are) The Roadcrew (live)
9.Rock And Roll
10.The Hammer
11.Damage Case
12.The Chase Is Better Than The Catch
13.Stone Deaf In The U.S.A.
14.No Class
15.Bomber (live)
16.Dr. Rock
17.Dead Men Tell No Tales
18.Built For Speed (live)
19.Over The Top

Descarga I

Descarga II

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