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martes, 21 de octubre de 2008

Jack Starr's Guardians Of The Flame - Under A Savage Sky (2003)

Pais: E.U.
Genero: Heavy Metal

Line Up:
Jack Starr - Guitars (Burning Starr, Devil Childe, Phantom Lord (US), Thrasher (US), Virgin Steele, Strider (US))
Ned Meloni - Bass (Devil Childe, Phantom Lord (US))
Joe Hasselvander - Drums (Armageddon (US), Black Manta, Death Row, Devil Childe, Forgotten Realm (US),
Pentagram (US), Phantom Lord (US), Raven (UK),The Hounds of Hasselvander)
Shmoulik Avigal - Vocals (Hammerhead (Hol), Picture, The Rods, Horizon (Hol))


01. The Flame That Never Dies 05:09
02. Conspiratos Sanctos 06:13
03. Cry For Dawn 05:39
04. Anthem For The Nations 06:00
05. Sharon Of The Woods 06:59
06. Under A Savage Sky 03:59
07. I Stand Alone 08:31
08. Personal Demons Dethroned 05:02
09. Masters Of Fate 08:07
10. Return From The Ashes 02:30

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