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sábado, 8 de marzo de 2008

Iron Cross - Warhead (1985)


1. Set Your Sites 03:02
2. Slaughter House 02:30
3. Waiting For The Axe 02:55
4. Warhead 04:09
5. F.K.Z. 03:42
6. Send For The Cross 02:21
7. Come And Get It 02:33
8. Chain Gang 03:07
9. Cold Steel 03:43
10. Crucible 03:13

Total playing time 31:15


2 comentarios:

Adrian T.Vell dijo...

Hi,hope you dont mind me giving you this.
About a year ago i introduced many blog sites to the British Thrash Metal band TIBERIUM.
Well it's time to give you a link for their Official bootleg - Live At the Purple Turtle 03.03.08.Next month they will be recording their debut album which will be released in July to co-inside with a tour.

Tiberium's brand of thrash is not "Old School" like Evile or Elimination,but is a modern approach drawing influence from the big "4" as well as more progressive bands like 'Opeth'.

If you could put this on your blog it would be much appreciated,if not thank you for your time.



Anónimo dijo...

Hey, can you reupload this? Cheers!

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