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jueves, 22 de noviembre de 2007

Vortex (Hol) - Open The Gate (1986)

Heavy Metal

1. Open the gates 03:23
2. Soul killer 04:39
3. Bastards 03:39
4. Horrible dolls 04:37
5. Growing power 05:32
6. Mass grave 03:56
7. Beauty and the teeth 05:24
8. Glory gone 05:49
9. Get out 06:20

Total playing time 43:19


3 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

Can u please repost as you have posted the last three tracks of OPEN THE GATES and the METAL BAT's EP. The tracks are listed wrongly on the CD apparently - thanks!

Matusalem dijo...

Hi, Strigoi, can you put the rest of the album? This is the Metal Bat's Ep and the 3 last songs of Open the Gates. I apreciate, thanks. :)

motorhell dijo...

hey este no es el album de vortex,este que suena esta bien pero no es el open the gates si pudieras reponer por favor.es un disco que siempre quise.

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