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jueves, 4 de junio de 2009

White Lion - The Best Of (1992)

País: USA / Dinamarca
Género: Heavy Metal


1. "Wait"
2. "Radar Love"
3. "Broken Heart" (Version 2)
4. "Hungry"
5. "Little Fighter"
6. "Lights And Thunder"
7. "All You Need is Rock 'N' Roll" (Live Version)
8. "When the Children Cry"
9. "Love Don't Come Easy"
10. "Cry for Freedom"
11. "Lady of the Valley" (Live Version)
12. "Tell Me"
13. "Farewell to You"


1 comentarios:

Martell dijo...

Not a fan, it seems any band with the name White in it just doesn't do the trick.

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